Who plays it here? (Mobile version)
I’m making a map like the ‘Builders workshop’ on pc.
I call it ‘Terraria PE Workshop’.

It’s going to have heaps of every item. Everything will be sorted and it will be great. Tell me what you think. Here’s a screenshot:

It’s not done yet.

Can’t upload?

I can’t upload that ‘file type’ for some reason.
And, no the bugs couldn’t be fixed… 😦

Here’s some cool pics though

That’s me riding it

This is me riding it in first person. The sails in the way so I normally look sideways:



I have two REALLY annoying bugs…
They’re really really annoying…

The annoying thing is that they are unfixable… I’m to low-tech. (I mod with my ipad)

But, I’m still going to upload it. Just expect a crappy buggy mod. I’ll try reduce the annoying-ness as much as possible for tommorrow.

This is pretty funny. I try to download a game for free and it glitches and deletes all my downloaded apps… karma :-D.

But it didn’t fully delete them. They are unusable, because the launcher was deleted. I had all the files but just no was of using them.
To save survivalcraft and other stuff I copied all there contents. It was very scary. Losing all my progress in the adventurer and my mods would suck.

Sorry about nothing interesting today 😦

Better boats Mod in progress, DOWNLOAD…

It’s going good… A few bugs which are annoying me. I’m planning to let you guys download this mod!!

The mod makes normal boats look the the intro ship!
They’re faster,
cost more to make,
have more health
and look cooler!!

Please tell me what you think! I’ve spent hours trying to perfect this!!!
I’ll try upload it tommorrow or the next day so get ready…

Stay warm

In the adventurer, your in the country known as ‘Talon’ it’s up north of Albion. And it’s quite cold. With the new clothes and temperature I thought this would be a great medieval simulator.

You need to work for money to buy not only weapons but food, warm clothes, a place to sleep safely. I’m even going to add farms you can buy to earn money. But the most fun way is to enter dungeons and complete tonnes of quests.

Looks cold?

Another thing, you don’t have any memories of your life before. You got amnesia from the shipwreck.


The Adventurer: Tutorial

Nearly done with it!

I’m making it as simple as possible.

I’ve got a question, should I make it so that at the begging of the game you can choose your class.
Like if your a ranger you can only use bows, crossbows etc.
If your a warrior you can only use machetes, axes, spears.

Or should you be able to use anything and get rid of that character creation/rpg feel.